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About Us

Owners - Richard and Aubree Mason

My wife Aubree and I started Green Solutions in 2014 with the intention of offering the highest quality carpet cleaning in South East Idaho. Having young children we also understood the importance of using safe chemicals in the home and wanted to use a safe, green, and non-toxic cleaner. When we first started Green Solutions we used primarily a buffer and bonnet pad style cleaning process. While this type of cleaning is effective due to the agitation from the buffer, we experimented to see if it was truly removing all of the deeply embedded soils in the carpet. To our surprise we discovered that the bonnet cleaning method was leaving measureable amounts of dirt, oil, grim, grease, and pet urine behind in the carpets, even if esthetically they looked clean. Unhappy with these results, we continued to experiment with different types of carpet cleaning trying to discover a method that provided both a deep clean that you would get from steam cleaning, but also have the agitation and fast dry times that you would expect with a bonnet system. After experimenting with numerous cleaning methods we created a system that was truly the best of both worlds! We found a truck mounted steam cleaning system that provided 3x the suction of your average carpet cleaning machine and produces water temperatures up to 300°. This combination of stronger suction and high heat provided a much faster dry time of just 2-6 hours while completely disinfecting the carpet and removing deeply embedded soils in the carpet fibers. We then discovered that we could pair our truck mounted system with a Rotovac 360i machine, which is both a buffer and a steam cleaning extractor in one. This machine has a carpet brush that spins hundreds of times per minute while simultaneously sprays solution into the carpet and then extracts the dirty water that’s being loosed by the rotating carpet brush.

We compared the results from this system and determined that it outperformed any other carpet cleaning method while still having incredibly fast dry time! We are very proud of our system and commit to offering the highest quality carpet cleaning in South East Idaho.